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Jute Goods can ideally be used as:

  • Bags and sacks for packing almost all kinds of agricultural produces, minerals, cement etc.
  • Packs for packing wool and cotton;
  • Wrapping materials / fabrics;
  • Carrier and backing fabric for carpet and linoleum;
  • Cordage and twines;
  • Webbing to cover inner springs in auto-seats and upholster furniture;
  • Cargo separator in ship;
  • Cloth for mine ventilation and partition;
  • Filling material in cable;
  • Roofing and floor covering apparel;
  • Footwear lining;
  • Wall covering and furnishing fabric; m. Fashion accessories;

Contact Person

Toufiq Hasan
Director, Hasen Jute Industries Ltd.





Our Location

Head office: Shaheb bazar, Ghoramara, Boalia, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

Factory: Nowhata, Paba, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.